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File:Adam Levine.jpgFile:Alicia Keys.jpgFile:Angela Wolff.png
File:Beverly McClellan.jpgFile:Blake Shelton.jpgFile:Casey Desmond.png
File:Casey Weston.jpgFile:Cee Lo Green.jpgFile:Cherie Oakley.jpg
File:Christina Aguilera.jpgFile:Curtis Grimes.pngFile:Devon Barley.JPG
File:Dia Frampton.jpgFile:Elenowen.pngFile:Emily Valentine.JPG
File:Example.jpgFile:Frenchie Davis.jpgFile:Frenchie Davis vs. Tarralyn Ramsey - "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"
File:Gwen Stefani.jpegFile:Jared Blake.jpgFile:Jared Blake - "Not Ready to Make Nice"
File:Jared Blake - "Use Somebody"File:Jared Blake vs. Elenowen - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"File:Javier Colon.jpg
File:Jeff Jenkins.jpegFile:Julia Eason.pngFile:Justin Grennan.jpeg
File:Kelsey Rey.pngFile:Lily Elise.jpgFile:Miley Cyrus.jpg
File:Nakia.pngFile:Niki Dawson.pngFile:Patrick Thomas.png
File:Patrick Thomas - "I Hope You Dance"File:Patrick Thomas - "Live Like You Were Dying"File:Patrick Thomas vs. Tyler Robinson - "Burning Love"
File:Pharrell Williams.jpgFile:Raquel Castro.jpegFile:Rebecca Loebe.jpeg
File:Sara Oromchi.jpgFile:Season 1.jpgFile:Season 10.jpg
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File:Season 7.jpgFile:Season 8.jpgFile:Season 9.jpg
File:Serabee.pngFile:Shakira.jpgFile:Tarralyn Ramsey.jpg
File:Tarralyn Ramsey - "Breathe"File:Team Blake - "This Love"File:Team Blake - "This Love"-0
File:Team Cee Lo - "Everyday People"File:The Final 8 - "Faith Freedom! '90"File:The Thompson Sisters.png
File:Tim Mahoney.jpgFile:Tje Austin.jpegFile:Tyler Robinson.png
File:Usher.jpgFile:Vicci Martinez.jpgFile:Vicci Martinez - "Afraid to Sleep"
File:Vicci Martinez - "Dog Days Are Over"File:Vicci Martinez - "Jolene"File:Vicci Martinez - "Rolling in the Deep"
File:Vicci Martinez and Cee Lo Green - "Love is a Battlefield"File:Vicci Martinez and Pat Mohanan - "Drops of Jupiter"File:Vicci Martinez vs. Niki Dawson - "F**kin' Perfect"

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